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Rethinking Fashion by Reusing Denim

By reusing the denim of pre-loved jeans, we extend the lifecycle of your favourite garments and transform them into eco-friendly, luxurious goods.

Extend Jeans Lifecycle

Over 50 pairs of jeans are sold every second worldwide and cotton-based clothing is one of the biggest problems facing landfills and the waste disposal industry. What if we could consciously extend the lifecycle of our jeans, and do good for the environment at the same time?

Home-Grown Knowhow

Quebec has a rich history in the garment manufacturing industry that is rapidly declining because of cost-effectiveness of outsourcing to other countries. Our goal is to treasure and preserve local knowhow and bring that knowledge to our future generations.

A Waste-Free Future

It’s not crazy to think that one day we could create products that are entirely waste free, taking into account everything from sourcing at the beginning of its lifecycle, to upcycling various components at the end of its lifecycle.


Upcycling is an intelligent way of reusing old materials while reducing your carbon footprint. Consider it a high-end version of recycling that occurs via artistic inspiration. Upcycling is all about removing the material from its original context and enabling a future that upgrades its value. Upcycling pays tribute to pre-loved materials, and each Kinsu piece is unique and exclusive thanks to the handcrafted nature of our work. Our brand is quickly becoming a favourite for trendsetters, innovators, and the environmentally-conscious.


Our primary source of denim comes from the (very) generous Kinsu community, but an increasingly demanding production schedule has given us the opportunity to work with a clothing sorting center near Montreal. Each year, more than 6000 tons of clothing are dropped there, and we’re able to rescue the nicest pairs to prepare them for their new lives as Kinsu accessories.


pairs of jeans sold each second worldwide


billions of meters of denim produced worldwide each year


liters of water to produce one pair of jeans


pairs of jeans upcycled since we started